I will have new eco-wraps at A Fair of the Arts in Bloomington tomorrow from 8-1. It is a beautiful Farmers Market to pick up your groceries for the week! Eco-wraps are made from cotton fabric and organic bees wax. They are reusable and replace Saran Wrap or foil🌎

Reusable Wipes

Earth friendly and grandma approved! Take these reusable wipes and gentle cleanser in a spray bottle for a play-date in the park. Even little boys will wash their hands😀 I will have them in Bloomington on Saturday at A Fair of the Arts from 8-1!


Introducing Eco-wrap! A new Earth friendly product! Eco-wrap is reusable food wrap to replace plastic wrap. It is made from organic cotton and organic bees wax. It is pliable and molds around your bowl, or chunks of cheese or fruit. It is easy to clean with cool water and gentle soap, not recommended for meat. … More Eco-wrap

Reusable wipes

I have 100% flannel wipes that are great to use with this gentle soap recipe. You can throw them in your car and have them for all of your summer adventures! They can be found on Saturday, May 27th at the Blooming Life Wellness Event at Trader’s Point Creamery!